Privacy policy
The new EU GDPR regulations require me to create work that’s fairly within the realms of my job role.
Photographs of people are considered personal data in the new  EU GDPR regulations. However my photographs are also my intellectual property and essential to me in the running of my business.  This means that there are a lot of scenarios in which I am able to cite ‘legitimate interests’ as a basis for storing and using photographs of people.
That all said, what does that mean? How do I treat your personal data?
Email, contact details
I treat your personal information the way a professional photographer should. I am not selling or posting on social media any of this information.
I store portraits on external hard drives not connected to the internet. I keep these photos for minimal 7 years.
I won’t delete the information after the 7 years. I have had so far two wedding couples of which the house plus content burned down, and I can tell you they were very happy to receive a new copy of their memories, plus the time/costs to select/delete and keep track of the 7 year period is higher than a new external hard drive.
Interior shoots
I delete interior shoots after one week. I won’t use your private property on social media or on my blog.
Concert and other photographs of artists
I use concert/artists photographs for personal use only. I won’t sell these photographs. I do post this material on social media. If the person in the photograph wants me to remove them from social media I will gladly do so.
Social media and blog
I use social media to run my business. Before I post photos of you I always ask if allowed or not. If you change your mind and want me to remove them I gladly do so within a months period. If you happen to be in the photo without being the ‘model’ / client there are certain situations that I will edit the photo in such a way that you won’t be recognized (like police protected situations etc.). For photographs on my blog the same policy as with social media except if once posted on my blog I won’t remove the post.  Blog is less viral than social media.
Delete photographs / the right to be forgotten
I won’t delete my intellectual property (photographs) and cite legitimate interests as a basis to refuse to do so. In some cases (divorce, illness etc.) I will remove photographs from website.
Everyone has the freedom to sign up for my newsletter on my blog and at any time cancel this again.
So…. nothing new under the sun!
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